Circuit Racing

Racing a Lotus

Members support and attend many race series that feature Lotus cars.

SELOC has from the outset supported the Lotus on Track Racing Drivers Club Elise Trophy. Not only is this series set up and run by some of those who founded SELOC, but many SELOC members are taking part. The Elise Trophy series was launched in 2007 in conjunction with MSVR €“ the racing club division of Motor Sport Vision €“ owners of Brands Hatch and other major UK circuits. LoTRDC aims to provide a friendly, safe and financially viable series for those wishing to progress from attending LoT track days into racing.

Lotus on Track Racing Drivers Club also took over organisation of the World€™s only official Lotus race series: Lotus Cup Europe on behalf of Group Lotus.  2011 saw the launch of a new Lotus Motorsport Championship; the Lotus Cup UK.  Many of the drivers that compete in the Championship series are SELOC members and initially cut their teeth in the Elise Trophy.

2011 has also seen our members on the international stage within the Dubai 24hr and Barcelona 24hr races.

Production BMW Championship

Before there was a race series that was tailored towards our fantastic cars our members branched out to form a cheap and accessible entry level motorsport series and in April 2004 the Production BMW Championship was established.  The races are very entertaining and the budgets are considered to be very cheap for this type of close racing. SELOC continues to follow the series so watch out for the dates, see for more details.