Road going cars can participate in sprinting; you do NOT need a fire extinguisher or harnesses in your car to take part, and most cars will not need a cage either.

Championship regulations have been kept as simple as possible. We will police the regs in the spirit they are intended, this is a social series for enthusiasts.

As with 2013 & 2014 we will have 2 classes:

  • class LoTRDC 1 – Lotus road going cars with presumed power less than 151bhp at the hubs as measured by TDI* (Elise Trophy basic power). Single way dampers, standard interior. Cars must be road registered, MOT and taxed.
  • class LoTRDC 2 – Lotus cars running to Lotus Cup UK SuperSport base regs – S/C Toyota, modified K series/Toyota, Europa S and NA engine transplant cars**

Tyres will need to be List 1A or List 1B – preferred tyre is the Avon ZZR but you can run any List 1A or List 1B tyre.

All drivers with a National A RACE licence will be entered for class 2.

*111R & S2 Exige NA will be allowed to run in Class 1 if in standard trim, maximum presumed power 172bhp at the hubs as measured by TDI.

** Owners of modified cars, especially those with a different engine to that originally supplied by Lotus should note the specific cage regulations for their cars (see the MSA Yearbook).

PLEASE remember these events are supposed to be fun and aimed at getting Lotus Enthusiasts involved in motorsport. If you don’t like the regs being as simple and open as they are please don’t enter the championship.




Full regulations are available here.